Question for reflection


It's not by accident that reflection, action, and change are often the result of first asking a great question. One such example: "What one word do we want to own in the minds of our members, employees, and strategic partners?" A deceptively simple query that is not so easy to answer due to the vast diversity of your programs. Go ahead, ask your colleagues!

The challenging questions we ask ourselves as an organization are the ones that tend to be the most transformative, especially during these times of rapid change and massive disruption.

Here are a few more example questions every organization should be asking:

Q: Would we rather recruit knowledgeable and informed long-term members who join for the right reason or sell to uninformed, easy to get short-term members? Do our incentives match the goal?
Before you assume you have a retention problem, consider whether you have an acquisition problem instead. As they say, easy come, easy go! If more than 10 percent of your new members proactively reach out to you to join, i.e., call-ins or web inquiries, your future likely sits on shaky ground.

Q: What counts that we are not counting?
As an organization, you likely count the number of members, revenue, cash flow, retention rates, and other key metrics; however, there are other metrics to consider that may shed light on your virtues and assets. How about measuring member engagement, brand recognition, member satisfaction, attendance fluctuations, etc.? Do you measure the new member sales cycle and its duration? How about the ROI of your time/result/effectiveness and other key performance indicators for full-time membership professionals?

Q: What product or services have we recently pulled the plug on? If nothing, are we genuinely innovating?
You can't innovate without the risk of a few mistakes or the need for adjustments. Constantly experimenting with new programs, ideas, techniques, and methods will keep your organization fresh and relevant - and therefore, more attractive to your members and prospects alike.



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